The idea for Geekware started during the height of the pandemic somewhere between waves one and two. At that point I was missing that i n person Dungeons & Dragons weekly sessions profusely. Encountering dragons and the clickety clack of dice are what entertains an old fool like me. Off I went hunting for anything Dungeons & Dragons related to fill my soul and well, what a lack of things for us locals. If you could find something it was out of stock locally or overpriced. Our primary goal is to bring to you everything we can from wherever we can, some items are made locally through other entrepreneurs and some items will be imported. Hopefully offering you some unique items at a great price. We hope that you will support our venture as we head on this quest to be your number one Dungeons & Dragons online retail outlet in South Africa. If you need to Contact Us you can drop us an email at info@geekware.shop or call us on +27 61 543 5096.
10 Edgeware Road
Diep River
Western Cape 7800
South Africa

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