Sold out!

Bag of Holding Magnet Set


Sold out!

  • ‘Collectible magnet set inspired by the Bag of Holding
  • It’s larger on the inside! but not as large as our Box of holding yet carries all your equipment, weapons, items, and more with this official Dungeons & Dragons magnet set.
  • Unique magnets: A collection of 30 magnets featuring an assortment of both rare and common items, objects, and equipment found in the game
  • miniature bag of holding: A special felt “Bag of Holding” perfect for keeping all your magnets safe and in one place
  • Illustrated mini book included: Discover the secrets that the Bag of Holding might be hiding with this inventory book
  • Learn more about the unique objects and equipment you’ll find inside
  • Perfect gift to display on a shelf, desk, or bookcase and show that you are a D&D fan
  • Authentic Dungeons & Dragons collectible
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