Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants (Supplement for D&D)

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  • Bigby the Great shares his epic adventures delving into the history, lore, and societies of giants in this comprehensive guide to the giant realms within the Dungeons & Dragons universe.
  • Within these pages, Bigby and Diancastra, the demigod offspring of the giants’ mighty All-Father, Annam, unveil the well-guarded secrets of Annam’s formidable descendants.
  • Players will discover a plethora of character options infused with giant themes: a specialized subclass tailored for barbarians, two unique backgrounds intertwined with giants and their runic magic, and a selection of feats that channel the raw strength and primal enchantments associated with giants.
  • Dungeon Masters will find invaluable inspiration for bringing giants to life in their campaigns, including detailed maps of colossal structures crafted by giants, an array of formidable new giant-themed monsters, and troves of magnificent treasures and captivating trinkets found within a giant’s possessions.
  • Allow Bigby and Diancastra to be your guides as they impart their extensive knowledge about the iconic giants of the D&D universe.
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