Tales from the Yawning Portal (5th Edition Adventure)


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  • Classic Adventures: Tales from the Yawning Portal features a collection of iconic adventures from D&D history, including “The Sunless Citadel,” “White Plume Mountain,” and “The Tomb of Horrors.”
  • Varied Settings: Each adventure is set in a different location, ranging from underground dungeons to mysterious islands, providing diverse environments and challenges.
  • Adaptable for Any Campaign: The adventures are designed to be easily integrated into ongoing campaigns, offering Dungeon Masters flexibility in incorporating these classic tales.
  • Level Range: The adventures cover a range of character levels, from lower-level dungeons to high-level challenges, providing a variety of experiences for players.
  • Rich Lore: Each adventure comes with a rich backstory and lore, adding depth to the narrative and immersing players in the history of the D&D multiverse.
  • Memorable Monsters: Introduces players to iconic D&D creatures and villains, offering a chance to face off against some of the most famous foes in the game.
  • Nostalgia Factor: Appeals to both new and veteran players, allowing the latter to relive nostalgic moments from earlier editions of Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Stand-Alone Adventures: While part of a compilation, each adventure is designed to be a stand-alone experience, making it easy for Dungeon Masters to select and run a specific adventure.
  • Art and Presentation: The book features artwork and presentation consistent with the high standards of D&D 5th Edition, enhancing the visual appeal of these classic adventures.
  • Inspiration for Homebrew: Provides inspiration for Dungeon Masters to create their own stories or to expand upon the classic adventures presented in the book.
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